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Monster hunt (2015) Hindi Dubbed (ORG) [Dual Audio] BluRay 1080p 720p 480p

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| Hindi-English | 480p 720p | 1080p |

☆ Information ☆ 

  • Movie Name : Monster Hunt
  • Release Year : 2015
  • Production Company :
  • Director : Raman Hui
  • Rating : 6.1/10
  • Language : Hindi-English 
  • Size : 
  • Quality : 480p 720p 1080p 
  • Format : mkv

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Download Monster Hunt

| Hindi-English | 480p |

Download Monster Hunt 

| Hindi-English | 720p |

Download Monster Hunt

| Hindi-English | 1080p |

☆ StoryLine ☆

      We are told that earlier humans used to live with animals. In which monsters were also included, but humans wanted them to be separate from the monster. And to rule the whole world, so they attacked the monsters and drove them away from their world, since then the monsters used to live in distant mountains. But now there a monster attacks your king monster. Because he wanted to be the king of all the monsters there. 

       And he wanted to end all his previous powers. Because now who was the monster of the past. His queen was pregnant and it was said that the baby monster they would have would rekindle the relationship between humans and monsters, now that king monster sends his bodyguards to kill the queen.

       That queen comes to the human world with her two bodyguards to save herself. In one scene, we are now shown a girl named One Hundred, who used to live with her grandmother in her village. His grandmother tells him that his father was a very good monster hunt. And he has left his village in the trust of his son. 

       After this we are shown the King of Hunters. Who was telling his people there that the monster hunters have captured all the monsters. He has stopped them from coming into our world. Due to which all the hunters of our area have become unemployed. Then he shows a picture of a baby monster over there and tells all the hunters that if you caught this born baby monster. All the monsters will not start coming to us, after that you will start getting your work, the next day we see the song in a forest. 

        Where he finds a couple, they ask him about food, he takes those people to his dhaba to eat. Because Song used to run his own dhaba in the village, only then a girl comes there. This girl is also scared of monster hunt. It has a name. And when she attacks both of them, it is revealed. That these two were none other than the bodyguard of that queen. Those people come in their true form at this time. And his queen comes out of the story below. She goes to Song. And starts smelling it.

         But another master hundred arrives. And he captures both the bodyguards of Rani. You get very angry with that hunter. Then the queen goes there a lot with the song. After this, both the bodyguards of that queen are asked to run away from here. He throws some water on Song's face.

         And runs away from there, she goes to fetch a hundred again, we see at night. That Hundred had two The Monster Bodyguards. He engages her in his words and there he becomes free. After that we see the song. The queen picks him up while sleeping and takes him to the forest, she takes Song to the forest and tells that she is pregnant. 

        And she tells him this here too. That she has to take care of her child, then she takes out her baby and puts it in his mouth. So that now his baby goes in the stomach of Song, sometimes even that monster comes there and was lying behind stealing.

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