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Pacific Rim 2013 Dual Audio Hindi + English 1080p 720p 480p BluRay 5.1 DD


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☆ Information ☆

  • Movie Name : Pacific Rim
  • Release Year : 2013
  • Production Company :
  • Director : Guillermo del Toro
  • Rating : 6.9/10
  • Language : Hindi-English 
  • Size :
  • Quality : 480p 720p 1080p 
  • Format : mkv

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Download Pacific Rim

| Hindi-English | 480p |

Download Pacific Rim

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Download Pacific Rim 

| Hindi-English | 1080p |

☆ StoryLine ☆

     At the beginning of the movie, we are told that aliens are present somewhere. And they will definitely descend from the sky in our world at some point, but humans went completely wrong when the aliens stayed out of a Pacific Ocean, that is, there are two tectonic plates in the ocean. And here is such a door. Which connects two different worlds. And a very strange alien came out of this door and this alien is called Ka. As soon as you came on Earth, he had destroyed many cities in a few days. 
      And killed a lot of people but the army kills Joe but this process does not stop so easily and after a few months another alien's Joe comes. And after this, one after the other, the aliens kept coming to Earth and destroyed the Earth completely and then humans understood that this process is not going to end like this. 
      And now there were countries to win in the world, all were found because humans now understood that to fight these aliens, they would have to make some other machine like this, which could compete with them properly, so humans made a program Started this program, very big robots were made and these robots were so big that a pilot could not control them, this thing started having a bad effect on their health and mind, 
  only then these people changed the programming of these robots And now it will be controlled by two pilots together and it was very important to have good coordination of the mind of both the pilots, it was such that two brains would control one brain and humans were completely successful in this work and now after this no one can When the aliens came on Earth, these robots used to kill them like this and after that, which were just a joke for humans and in this way time passed and now humans had complete confidence on themselves and now if Any alien who comes out of the sea, they will fight him and kill him and so on.
    Time passes. And one day suddenly they come to know that of an alien who is coming out of the ocean. And now they come to know that this alien who has come out of the ocean. It is more dangerous than the first alien and then here we see two twin brothers, one of whom was named Jan Si and the other was named Rai Lee and now both of them will control the robot that will go to kill Ka Jo now. 
      Both of them sit inside that robot. Now the brains of both of them are sim. So that the brains of both of them work in the same way, now both of them were related to their report in such a way that the damage that will happen to the robot will happen to them and both of you go to the ocean with your report. 
      Their report means that the machine was so big that it could not drown in the ocean, now both of them take their report to the place where it was and there was a board in the ocean, before both of them save that board and After this, both of them attack Ka Jo with their robot. Before today, these two who had fought with the aliens, these people had defeated those aliens comfortably, but these aliens were very powerful, but still they give an electric shock to their machines.

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