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SpiderMan: No Way Home (2021) BluRay [Hindi (ORG 5.1) & English (ORG 5.1)] 480p 720p 1080p Dual Audio


Download Spiderman No way Home (2021)

|Hindi + English | 480P | 720p | 1080P |

☆ Information ☆

  • Movie Name : Spiderman No way Home
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Director : Jon Watts
  • Rating : 8.5
  • Language : ORG Hindi-English 
  • Quality : 480p | 720p |1080p
  • Format : MKV

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☆ StoryLine ☆

   The film starts from where Spiderman Far From Home ended. Before Mystirio died, through a news channel, he had told the lie that Spiderman killed him and he caused havoc with a drone. Along with this, mystirio had also told the real identity of Spiderman to everyone. Because of this, the police arrest Peter and interrogate him and the people close to him a lot. 

       Also half of the town's people turned against Peter because they thought mystirio was a good guy who was killed by Spiderman. To solve this police case, Peter's aunt calls a good lawyer named Matt Murdoch, who with great difficulty gets all the legal charges removed from Peter and his friends.  

     This saved him from legal action, but the public still did not forgive him. This also made it difficult for Peter to stay in his house. That's why he goes to live in Happy's house with his aunt for safety. In the midst of all this, Peter and his friends' schooling was about to end and it was time for their college admission.

       Due to the recent controversy, no college was giving admission to all three of them. This leaves Peter very upset because his real life has come to the fore, putting the careers of his friends in danger as well. So Peter starts looking for a solution to this problem and then he misses Doctor Strange. 

     Because Doctor Strange was a great magician and lived in New York City, Peter goes to the Samsung Forum to ask him for help and he tells them if he can change this phenomenon of mystrio with his magic? But Doctor Strange no longer had the Time Stone, so he could not change the truth, but he had another problem with this problem.

   For this purpose, he thinks of using a memory-forgetting mantra that will make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. And from then on the real trouble starts. 

       Look ahead to know.

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