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The Monkey King 2 2016 1080p 720p BluRay Hindi DD 5.1Ch – Eng DD 5.1

 Download Monkey King 2

| Hindi-English | 480p | 720p |1080p

☆ Information ☆

  • Movie Name : The Monkey King 2
  • Release Year : 2016
  • Production Company :
  • Director : Cheang Pou-soi
  • Rating : 7.5/10
  • Language : Hindi-English 
  • Size :
  • Quality : 480p 720p 1080p 
  • Format : mkv

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Download Monkey King 2

| Hindi-English | 480p |

Download Monkey King 2

| Hindi-English | 720p |

Download Monkey King 2

| Hindi-English | 1080p |

☆ StoryLine ☆

       In the last part of Monkey King, Budhani Wo Kaun was sentenced to sleep under the Hunter Mountain of Gonda for five hundred years for destroying Heaven, in this part now five hundred years pass. And that Khan's sentence is complete. The movie's Star Trek yang wit smug thank you. Who had come to give the writings of India Thunder Monastery Buddha.

      During her Jenny, the fan makes a tiger attack on the fan. The time had gone, while escaping from the house, Buddha's handle enters the mountain. Where did he wake up from his sleep? But still trapped under the stones. When the fan fan has no way to escape from Tiger, he makes Kom free. As soon as he leaves the mountain, he makes a forceful fight with Tiger.

      He comes when he is called by the news. Woh Khao kills Tiger using his salary. Who tells Samsung that the college had requested him to support Sanjay till he gets the writing of Budha. Changing refuses to seek help and he leaves from there. Then suddenly a crown comes out in the box. And who gets that saffron stock? He learns that he has stocks with him until he gets Samsung's work done.

       The ground will not come off his head. But if she tries to take it off her feet, she finds nothing but a pen, and San Jaye can crawl to keep her under control. The goddess she tells Koun that this Jenny will not be easy. And he has to protect Samsung at every step. On moving forward, both of them also make a strange creature attack. 

      Who eats Samsung's horse. That com hangs from his hand to kill him. But that Creature throws him down. Who kills him after a long five? And on that welcome thank you changes to thank you horse.

    After which both of them start further Chinese. Scenes shift to a kingdom. Where some people are raising people in the kingdom in the name of Quiet Lady. Suddenly strange strange creatures come there and attack them. 

      Wife lady also comes there. Sometimes it reveals to them that they are his people. The Wife Lady is actually a daemon. People who eat them to increase their unnatural life and to stay beautiful. Vile ED gets very angry seeing everyone. 

     These people are doing wrong things in his name. So she kills them all. Where Woh Com and Samsung Pay Bidi, Manju Baji and her partner Shah Bhojan which is a mock up of a gin. They attack, that com alone gives amazing competition to both of them. He kills them both a lot. 

     And puts it on the corner of Hara Ki Mountain. At the same time, both of them reveal that they too have been sent to protect the fan fan in the college. On which they all move forward together. The White Lady keeps an eye on all this. He needs a scan Jain, which he will not have to kill people again and again after eating it. And the White Lady takes on the form of an Old Lady to track her down to an everlasting The Man Who Found Jayega Fans. And while showing her service to her doctor, the fan builds a cottage in Urs and starts opposing the fan and his team.

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