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The Tomorrow War (2021) BluRay [Hindi (ORG 5.1) & English (ORG 5.1)] 480p 720p 1080p Dual Audio

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☆ Information ☆

  • Movie Name : The Tomorrow War
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Director : Chris McKay
  • Rating : 7.0/10
  • Language : ORG Hindi-English 
  • Quality : 480p 720p 1080p 
  • Format : mkv 

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☆ StoryLine ☆

       This story begins in the year 2012, where some soldiers fall from the sky. Directly inside a pool, some survive by falling into the water. And some die by falling on the ground and there is an entry. The lead character of this story of ours i.e. Dan Foster is the same one from his Thanaus, in which he had a cypress under his ear. And this is where the story comes from. Where we are shown in Prison Time.

      The month of December 2012, when Dam Poster Ki Beti is the movie poster's birthday. And to make the same birthday special, he had brought a lot of food items with him to his house, there was a party atmosphere in his whole house, everyone was happy. And there his wife Amy comes and tells him that your father James Foster has sent a card to wish your daughter a birthday. So over there Dan says. That we have no special need for them. And they put that letter in the garbage can.

         In such a situation, it comes to know that he does not have much in common with his father. And now everyone starts enjoying the football match by sitting. And then we see that in the middle of that football match comes a very bright light. And some of the soldiers come out of it and come to the ground. Those who were late Lieutenant Hart comes there and tells how we are going to wage war with the future i.e., thirty years from now. Which will wipe out the name of the entire humanity.

         And if I say simply, then we are not in front of any human being. With a force that is very difficult to eradicate. To escape them all, our last hope is only you. Unless you support us, we will not be able to fight them, this news was being shown on every TV, every news channel. And after I had passed a year after this news, now everyone was shocked. All the governments were united and now all the people are making their armies and sending them in the future. 

       And this is where we come to know that after a week the people who go to that war come back after seven days, no one has hands or feet. Even out of hundred percent people sent and only twenty percent come back. Due to this, people living in family time now tell the government that this is the problem of future people. 

       So if we help them, then some people there say that the people who are in the future are none other than our sons and grandsons. So why should we not support them and because of this, now there is a hot summer atmosphere everywhere. That's where the scene shifts. To Dan Foster, a biological teacher. And he is teaching the children in his class. So there some children who are not in the mood to study now, they are sitting with their heads bowed, then dad tells them that it is okay.

        Tell me what you ultimately want to read. So some children say that what is the meaning of studying and writing? Because after some time we will also have to go to this war and after going to this war, no one is coming back alive, then what will we get by studying and writing? Then a boy there raises his hand and says that Dan asks over there to talk to me on a topic.

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